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Before individuals can be considered for transfer evaluation, they must apply to 拉克万纳大学 as matriculating students and submit the application fee.

The students must then request that official transcripts be forwarded to the 招生 Office at 拉克万纳大学.


拉克万纳大学 is an open-enrollment school whose mission is to provide affordable and high-quality education to all those who seek to improve their lives.

Whether our students attend classes on campus or remotely, they receive the personal care and attention of their professors to ensure their success.


拉克万纳大学’s transfer policy requires that all transfer credits completed before initial enrollment be submitted no later than the official start date of the student’s second semester.

Previous coursework will be evaluated by the registrar in direct relation to the student’s declared major.

Only credit for courses with grades of “C-” or better may be accepted in transfer regardless of method of delivery.*

Transfer of coursework from other institutions is granted as credit only unless prior written approval has been obtained to repeat and replace a course in transfer (see Repeated Coursework).

*转学评估 职业治疗助理物理治疗师助理外科手术技术超声 curricula candidates is based upon criteria specified in program guidelines.

Credits earned at institutions that have been accredited by the following organizations are eligible for transfer evaluation:

  • 中部州学院和学校协会
  • 新英格兰学校和学院协会
  • 中北部大专院校协会
  • 西北学校和学院协会
  • 南方学院和学校协会.
  • 西部学校和学院协会
  • Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges
  • Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities

Credit earned at non-accredited institutions or institutions accredited by organizations other than those listed above may be evaluated for transfer at the discretion and consensus of the 注册商, 负责学术事务的副校长, 以及相应的部门主席.

Credit earned at foreign institutions must be evaluated by a professional transcript evaluation service before transfer credit will be reviewed.

AP and CLEP exams will be reviewed for possible transfer credit once the registrar’s office receives an official score report directly from the College Board. A score of “3” or higher is necessary to receive advanced placement at 拉克万纳大学.

Due to the rapid advancement of Information Systems technology, any Information Systems course taken prior to 5 years before the student’s application will not be accepted as equivalent to any required Information Systems course.

Students who profess proficiency in these areas are welcome to apply for Credit by Exam.


Any student who wishes to appeal the evaluation of transfer credit should contact the 注册商’s Office.

在这一点上, 学生可能会被要求提供课程大纲, 作业, 分级评估准则,/or other relevant information that will be used to determine the equivalence of course objectives and learning outcomes.

The course will then be re-evaluated by the 注册商’s Office and by the appropriate Division Chair. The student will be notified of the decision by the 注册商’s Office.

If the student is not satisfied with the appeal decision, he or she may ask that the Vice President for Academic Affairs review the transfer request and supporting documentation. The decision of the Vice President for Academic Affairs is final.


To help you transfer to 拉克万纳大学 quickly and easily, here are some links you’ll need: 在这里申请十大网赌老品牌网站. 下载 转让学分豁免表格(PDF)在此. View the transfer-related questions on our FAQs page.



根据本转让协议, 约翰逊理工学院 students will be able to transfer into 拉克万纳大学’s Bachelor of Science in Business degree program. Students utilizing this agreement will be meet the following criteria:

Courses from Johnson College must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 to satisfy all other 拉克万纳大学 transfer requirements.

适当的, courses transferred may fulfill lower-division degree, 通识教育, 选修, 和/或主要要求. It is best for the student to work with an academic adviser to determine which catalog rules apply.

Students may have lower-division requirements to fulfill and will be responsible for completing all graduation requirements for 拉克万纳大学 in effect at the time of graduation from 拉克万纳大学 in order to earn a baccalaureate degree.

Students must meet 拉克万纳大学 admission requirements in place at the time they apply for admission to 拉克万纳大学.